William Shakespeare's Twelfth Night Abridged!

The last scene in any act is often one of great importance – it acts not only as the summation of all that has taken place in the current act, but also has to set the audience up for the coming act. Keep this in mind as you cut, hack, slash, and otherwise edit these scenes down to mere shadows of their former selves!

Your Task

Reduce your assigned scene from Twelfth Night by 40%. Cut lines from anywhere in the scene, as long as the remaining lines still provide a coherent scene that serves the play.

Act & Scene
320 lines
190 lines
210 lines
130 lines
410 lines
250 lines
130 lines
80 lines
430 lines
260 lines

Each group must submit one final copy of their play with edited lines blacked out with pen or marker. I will then scan your edited scene and upload it to your section of this website so visitors may access it.

Written Rationale

Write a rationale explaining your decisions. Address the following topics:
  • How this scene is significant to the act and/or play – what takes place here, and why is it important?
  • Explain the cuts you made (line-by-line or chunk-by-chunk is probably the best way to do this)
  • Explain why you kept the lines you did
  • Your rationale must make frequent and specific reference to the text throughout
  • Cuts must be made from throughout the scene

Visual Presentation

Websites without visuals are not only boring to read, they're difficult to read. Consider the following design principles as you create your site:

  • DO NOT write large chunks of text.
  • DO use headings to delineate between sections. Also, use paragraph breaks more frequently than you would in a regular written essay.

  • DO NOT make this a simple essay that happens to be on a website,
  • DO create an interactive experience for the viewer by creating section headings and links for visitors to click.

  • DO NOT rely strictly on words to create your page.
  • DO incorporate pictures portraying important parts of your scene - these will be staged by group members and posted to the site. Pictures should be captioned with lines from the play in bold & italicized text. If you or your parents do not wish to have your picture online, work as a group to develop a creative solution to obscure your faces/identity.


Your group will receive a shared grade for this project. You will be evaluated on:
  • the completion of a neatly edited scene
  • the depth and specificity of your written analysis
  • the visual layout of your page (uniformity, logical presentation, etc.)
  • the inclusion of five self-generated pictures and their relevance to significant elements of your scene

You will also each receive an individual contribution grade. Each student will independently evaluate the contributions of the other students in the group, and I will derive a grade from those observations (we'll discuss this in class after the projects are complete).

Get Your Scenes Here!

You may print these out and use them as "rough drafts", but each group must submit a cleanly edited final scene by the due date.