Act 4 Scene 2


Amy (as Maria) laughs as she realizes that her letter made Sam (as Malvolio) seem crazy!

Many people throught that having the shortest section would be the hardest, but it turned out to be the opposite. The point of this project was to remove about 40-60 lines. It was able to be shortened to about 40.5 lines. In order to get rid of lines and still maintain humor an personalitiesm the lkines that were to be removed had to be picked carefully.

The first obvious choice was to remove all of the extrenious exclimations.

Things such as "Nay, I prithee."

Also when people seemed to repeat themselves, sections of their text were removed.

When the fool came to visit Malvolio, Malvolio kept screaming fool, and he didnt respond. In order to shorten it, a few exlemations of "fool" were removed.

The next thing that was removed were sections that didnt exactly add to the story and that were unnecessary.

When the fool dresses up as the parson, Toby said, "A knave counterfits well, A good knave." The "A good knave" was completely uneeded and only takes up space without adding anything

Also, lines of charactors who werent particularly important, were removed.

Toby didnt have very important part in the scene. When he said little random things here and there, they could be removed. For instance, When the foold was tricking Malvolio, Toby said, "My most exquisite sir Topas." It didnt add at all to the story so it was easily removed.

Although much of what was removed were just extrenious lines, major sections were removed in order to get it to the certain legnth.

The Fool is known to be a "fool" and if too many of his funny lines were removed, he would lose his personality.

His Major comedic lines were the loines about him changing into the robes as the curate. The line about him dissembling himself was left but the following part about him being tall and a good housekeeper was removed. It still remained funny but just had less to laugh about.


Ryan (as the Fool) and Amy (as Maria) pretend that Ryan is actually sir Topas. Sam (as Malvolio) cannot see Ryan's face and believes them!

Removal of parts of conversations was the most difficult

The most major and difficult removal was the one about how Malvolio was talking about how his cell was dark. That required reading through everything and seeing where the charactors continued to mention or respond to it. It continued through about two pages. After a certain point when the charectors started mentioning it agian, it still made sense without having previously mentioned it so it worked out really well...

Overall the story still maintained the most important parts and continued to allow the charactors to be funny and have personality, while still remaining short and prompt.


Ryan is dressed up as the fool dressed up as Sir Topas!


We recreated a few important scenes and made them our own with our acting!